Makin’ a Mukpuddy short film in 48hours…

So this year we finally decided to participate in the 48hours again, it’s a film comp where teams have to write, shoot and edit a film in, yup, 48 hours! Peter Jackson even gets involved as one of the judges, so it’s kind of a big deal down here in New Zealand. We last entered in 2007 and did pretty well winning the Auckland City final (the first animated film to do so) and getting all the way to the Grand National Final! It was a bunch of fun but hadn’t entered again since for a bunch of different reasons, but this year we really wanted to give it a go again…. so we did! Man it was one hell of a weekend, when it ws all said and done the 3 of us were up for about 60 hours and we handed in our film with just minutes to spare, we actually filmed ourselves over the weekend and make a little “behind the scenes” vid…

So by the end of it we were just happy to have had our film in on time and have a finished short we were really proud of but on top of that we’ve since gone on to come “Runner Up” in the Auckland City finals and then have most recently been selected to be in the Grand National Final, where we’ll go up against all the best films from all over the country but even cooler than that we were hand picked by Sir Peter Jackson himself to be there! The Grand Final is this Saturday (2nd July) so keep ya fingers and toes crossed!!

Since we’re not allowed to post the film just yet, until the competition is over any ways, we decided to put together a little teaser trailer…

And here’s a poster I put together just for fun!

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