After participating in the ’3G Show’ last year at Gallery 1988 LA, I is was equally stoked to be asked to contribute to the follow up show this year at Gallery 1988 Venice, Santa Monica. This year it’s ’3B’, celebrating 3 of the biggest, coolest and most influential movies to come out of the 1980s all starting with the letter ‘B’… Back To The Future, Beetlejuice and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure…

This year I wanted to change things up and do digital prints of the characters (in frames) as a change from the wood block guys I submitted last time and it was real fun to have a  go at characters that all made such an impact on me as a kid…

I’ve had these printed as Giclee prints (by Mike at gicleeprint.co.nz) and put into frames for the show.

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