The Mighty Green Mullet!

Cheer Bear

Thought it’d be fun to turn Carebears into more realistic bears…


My tribute to the funniest show on TV right now… Tight Butthole!

Time to get ILL…

Here’s my tribute to not only only of my favourite groups but also MCA …. RIP!


Notorious B.I.G

Are we there yet?

Here’s my 2nd in my “Hip Hop” series…


Thought it’d be cool to start a series of prints of my take on various rappers, here’s my first attempt…

48hours 2012!

So we participated in the 48hour film comp again this past weekend (yup gotta make an entire short in just 48 hours), as with last years effort, it was a hard slog but we’re really happy with what we made. We’ll put up a more detailed account of the process once we go through some of the footage we filmed but in the mean time here’s a poster we threw together…

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